Tipping Lotus

Lotus? What is this?

Lotus is a digital token used to show appreciation for people who are doing and saying things which you appreciate. A "token of appreciation," it aims to foster positive interactions on the internet by rewarding people who are contributing positively. Additionally, a Lotus is a currency for use within a number of social apps built on Lotus such as the tipping bot itself.

Mr. Turtle

Mr. Turtle is a tip sea turtlebot for Lotus, allowing users to show their appreciation of other users' content. He holds onto your flowers for you until you withdraw them to your own Lotus wallet, like Cashew on iOS and Android. Being a sea turtlebot, Mr. Turtle regularly rides the currents between Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit, distributing Lotus where requested.


On Telegram, Mr. Turtle's username is lotustipbot.

Group admins (and only group admins) can add him to their group by clicking here. Otherwise, individual users can just message him to get started.

Once in a group, members can send each other Lotus by replying to their messages with /give <amount>. Additional options, such as checking your depositing and withdrawing, can be accessed by again direct messaging him.


On Twitter, Mr. Turtle can be found at @MrTurtleGive.

There, he can be summoned by replying to a tweet with @MrTurtleGive <amount>. Like before, get information about additional commands by direct messaging the turtlebot.


On Reddit, Mr. Turtle is called u/MrTurtleGive.

Similar to Twitter, tips are given by replying to a comment or submission with u/MrTurtleGive <amount>. Also like the others, get additional information by direct messaging Mr. Turtle.


If you have any questions, visit Mr. Turtle's support group on Telegram.

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